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What People Say about Engaged Academics?

"Mr. Davis is one of the most passionate, creative educators I’ve seen in my 22 years working in schools. He integrates technology, differentiates instruction, and recognizes that each of his students is an individual, with specific strengths, weaknesses and academic needs.

He is passionate about math, but even more passionate about kids. He understands that a great teacher not only teaches the subject matter well, but motivates and inspires kids to be great human beings in addition to great students. I wish my son, now 23 years old, had been given the opportunity to learn from a guy like Mr. Davis."
​ — Rick Bunnell,

We are one of your biggest fans and hopefully success stories. Zach has been amazing for Carson... I think sometimes it just takes someone other than parents believing in a child that gives them the confidence to push through and come out on top.

When we started with Engaged Academics Carson’s fifth-grade teachers wanted to hold him back, which we vehemently disagreed with. Subsequently, Carson ended up in a remedial reading class and all general studies.

Now, 3 9 weeks in and he’s got the highest Lexile in his reading class (8th-grade level) and his math teacher wants him to move to advanced math next year. He’s already started assigning Carson extra math to prepare him for this. We are going to push for advanced science as well for next year.

A far cry from the little boy they wanted to hold back last year. Thank you very much for your role in his progress. We sing your (and Zach’s) praises every day and to anyone who will listen. - Erin Gordon

I highly recommend Mr. Davis! He was my son's science teacher and he helped him tremendously.
​ — Mariana Doseanu
“Lance Davis is one of the most promising young educators I have seen in a long time. His passion and talent are evident whether he is in the classroom as a student or a teacher.”
— Dr. Dale Graham,
Principal of the Scholars Academy

During our consultation meeting with Engaged Academics founder, Lance Davis, we were immediately impressed by the balance of their belief in 'work hard and be kind' and using data to better understand the struggling student's motivation, challenges, and areas for growth.

He worked to carefully pair my daughter with an experienced educator, Ms. Retha Lee, who could not only help her with the academics needs but also boost self-confidence that had diminished over time. Their approach to helping the whole child, not just improving grades, was exactly what my child needed.

And the bonus...her grades improved too! I would highly recommend Lance and his team of professionals to any parent/student who is looking for academic help.
— Denise Reeder
"I would like to thank you for helping Joseph thrive academically. Your continuous encouragement towards his work in Math class has helped him develop a strong self-confidence. As a result of your advice to believe in his abilities he is currently taking Algebra I and Geometry during his ninth grade year and enthusiastic about both of them. It is my firm belief that your advice has strengthened his determination to establish a strong academic record and be involved in a variety of activities at school. Thank you so much for your reinforcement and support."
— Anye Markos
from Tallahassee, FL
We LOVE the team at Engaged Academics and have thoroughly enjoyed working with them. Our daughter looks forward to her sessions and has no idea she’s working ahead on school work and building a variety of traditional and non-traditional skills that will benefit her for a lifetime.
— Alexis Rojas
from Tallahassee, FL
Such an amazing staff, full of knowledge, patience, and fun. Thank you for all you do.
— DebbieSue Flecks
Amazing experience thus far! Very professional and my son went from dreading tutoring to counting down to tutoring! I would recommend Lance and his staff to anyone who's child needs a little help!
— Kelly Dettmer

We used Engaged Academics at the end of the 2018 School year to help my daughter who was struggling terribly with math. They have a unique structure that helps the student not only grasp the concepts the student is missing but helps build good study habits, build self-esteem, and increase proficiency in the subject.

My daughter did a complete 180 in her math abilities, it was remarkable. We no longer dreaded homework time and nobody cries anymore during homework since we started with Engaged Academics. At the end of the school year, both her school teachers were amazed at what she accomplished and she finished strongly on target for her grade. We even continued with tutoring over the summer to hone her math skills, prevent loss of knowledge, work on writing skills, and to get a jump on the coming school year. Our tutor with Engaged Academics was a Godsend. It’s worth every penny. I highly recommend them if your student is struggling.

— Robin Eychaner
If you’re looking to build your child’s academic confidence, this is the service for you.
— Jenna Coffee