Good question. The Leon County School system states your child should be fever free for twenty-four hours before your child returns to school. We don’t need a massive outbreak of the flu or strep-throat.
But as parents, we know it’s not as simple as that.
“Mooom, I don’t feel good … I don’t want to go to school today *cough cough*.”
We’ve all heard it, and most of us have done it. But where do you draw the line?
First, ask your child what’s wrong. Do they have a sore throat? Are they nauseous? Is it something or someone at school that’s making them not want to go? Let your child tell you first, because if I remember correctly, this is where I got most of my “sick day” ideas.
Next, ask them what they’ll be missing at school. Is it several tests they’ll have to make up? Sometimes the idea of extra work is enough to jolt your child up out of bed and right onto the bus or to the car. Is it a big presentation, they don’t want to go to? They might just need a pep-talk from their parent to give them the confidence to speak in front of the class.
If your child is actually sick, then they will need to stay home. But you have to determine how sick that is. If it’s just allergies, then they probably should go to school, but if it’s bad enough that it may become a sinus infection, then they should rest. It’s a hard line to walk, but just make sure you are being communicative with your child. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions, and think about how hard it was for you to be sick as a child.

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