It’s been a brutal first half, but you somehow made it to half-time. You’re sitting there, resting, trying to refresh yourself before getting back on the field. The game just didn’t go your way the first half. You were doing everything you’ve been coached to do, but it’s just not working. The coach is giving his half-time pep talk, trying to fire you back up. But, you’re just too defeated at this point. Now, you’re back on the field. Maybe it’s 3rd and long or bottom of the 7th inning, it doesn’t matter. You’ve already been beat emotionally and psychologically.
Welcome to the 3rd Quarter of the 2017 – 2018 academic school year. The quarter when students typically perform far below their ability, but why? It’s easy to be excited during the beginning of a new school year. You can make new friends, you get new teachers, and the material is new and different. Plus, you get a few breaks thrown in to break up the monotony. Then, you make it to half-time, AKA Winter Break. School is the farthest thing from your mind as you play with friends, play video games, visit family and friends, and all the other relaxing things you deserve after putting in significant work.
Then, the morning comes for school to start back. You’re crawling out of bed, you’re sleepy, you aren’t ready to get back into the routine of schedules and bells. Your brain may even be a bit foggy on what you even did the first part of the year. Well, this is what we educators call the…
Third Quarter Slump.
What this means is educators see grades drop. And they tend to drop fast. If you are married, you can think of this as the honeymoon phase being over. As a parent, take a moment and relax. Often times, they figure it out and kick it into high gear to get that GPA back to where it should be. But we have a bit of advice on how to prevent this from happening.
Set up a reward system for your student to keep them motivated.Be vigilant and ask them what they are doing in class, homework, etc.Stress the importance of do-now, time-later. Be proactive and hire a tutor before you have a problem.Make sure your child is getting enough sleep.
With minor intervention and a more relaxed approach, students can and will overcome this slight slump in performance.

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