Why is everyone missing the BIG idea of true education and learning? Our educational system focuses on content knowledge, testing, and …….. Well, that seems to be about all. There, the main objective is WHAT to know and not HOW to know. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great teachers and progressive schools that are implementing the HOW, but it’s definitely not the norm. When you speak to business owners and leaders in the community or education, it’s clear that metacognitive skills are in high demand. For those that aren’t familiar, metacognition is the awareness of one’s own knowledge. Metacognitive skills are those skills that are essential for self-awareness and becoming a life-long, independent learner. Metacognition is important because it requires students to reflect upon their strengths, weaknesses, and learning strategies. These are the foundations of becoming independent learners. As our world changes due to technology and the emergence of knowledge engines, i.e. Google, Wolframalpha, more emphasis can be placed on the metacognitive skills. It’s my hope that others will embrace this paradigm shift in education.

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