How can I prepare for exams?
Being a student is hard enough. Unfortunately part of being a student is constantly being assessed on the information you learn to gauge understanding of the subject matter. When it comes to preparing for tests, all students are different. Some students have extraordinary memories and barely need to study at all, and others struggle with retaining information and have to study extra hard to succeed. For this reason, no one study method will work for each student. Although, there are guidelines that everyone can follow to help them develop their own way to study.
The most important thing to remember when preparing for a test, is to not wait until the last second to cram a bunch of information in your mind. The alternative is scheduling a little bit of studying to do every day. Let’s say your test is on Chapters 3 and 4. That’s a total of 40 pages, and you have 10 days before the test. All you have to do is read four pages a day, and make sure you review your notes following class. For that reason it is always important to be looking ahead to when your next tests will be, for this a planner is imperative to the success of students.
Don’t be afraid to ask the teacher what will be on the test, and use study guides like they are the last thing keeping you alive. Completing entire study guides can be daunting sometimes, so it’s important to employ the same method as mentioned above and stagger the completion. Creating a list of key terms is also a great method if your teachers don’t provide you with a study guide. Finding these terms in your notes and textbook should be relatively easy and to prepare for a test, know each term inside and out. A great marker for understanding is you could explain the term to someone who has never taken that course before.
A couple of extra tips to help with information retention are: always handwrite your notes, it has been scientifically proven the act of writing something down will help you remember it significantly more than if it were typed. If you have bad handwriting, sometimes it’s nice to sit down at the end of the day and type your notes up into a running document for each course (at the end of the year you’ll have an amazing study guide for the final). Online tools like Quizlet and IXLare great for testing yourself and seeing what you know, and what you still need to learn. Just ten minutes on these tools in a day can help you prepare and feel confident about taking a test.

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