Are your child’s grades falling like the leaves in Fall? Is the once vibrant and enthusiastic attitude of your child turning more apathetic? If any of the following sound familiar, it may be time to hire a tutor or academic mentor.
Less joy and more frustration.General sense of negativity.Complains about not being able to keep up or understand the lessons.The teacher has emailed or called with a concern.Grades are falling.Increased anxiety.Poor standardized test scores.
Teachers have an overwhelming job of educating children across our nation. As a classroom teacher, I can tell you, it’s not easy. We all do the best we can; yet, sometimes there’s just not enough time to reach each individual student where they currently are at academically. Therefore, at times, additional supplementation is needed outside of school. When thinking about hiring a tutor or academic mentor, it’s better to begin sooner than later. By the time most parents are contacting a tutor, it’s a reactionary response. Much of the time with your mentor or tutor will be used catching up and working through deficient skills.
The warning signs are there prior to the grades falling, so pay close attention. Our recommendation is to start working with a tutor as soon as you see an attitude change or decrease in happiness or enthusiasm for school.
So, when you are ready to call in reinforcements, we are ready. At Engaged Academics, we do more than tutoring. Visit our website to learn more: Engaged Academics, LLC.

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