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Detailed feedback provided after each session so you are always in the KNOW.

Homework Help

A common frustration between parents and children is homework. Homework is a part of the educational process, and we don't expect that to change. In moderation, it is beneficial to academic development. We understand the wedge it can drive between your relationships. Our student tutors are happy to work with your children as they complete homework and projects.


Our friendly tutors offer both virtual and face-to-face tutoring for your family. We can even offer a hybrid model to fit your busy schedule if needed. By pairing you with the same teacher for each session, relationships can be built, progress is more easily monitored, and our teachers learn your child's specific learning needs.

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Digital Learning Support

Many students are now enrolled in digital learning. Our teachers understand the demands of digital learning and can assist your child throughout this process. Whether it's weekly meetings to put together progress and assignment calendar, or sitting with your child while they perform their work daily, we can help.

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Understanding your child's IEP or 504 accommodations can be overwhelming. The language is very technical, and often the teachers and administrators speak fast. Our teachers will sit down with you and carefully explain the process, the accommodations, and also teach your child how to ask for these accommodations when needed.

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We can offer your child content that will challenge them beyond the classroom and current grade-level. If you are looking to challenge your child, one of our expert tutors will provide them with enrichment content to push them beyond average.

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Project Help

Nothing is more frightening to a family's way of life as a big school project. Whether it is a science fair project, essay, or some other monstrous task, our tutors are happy to help your child throughout the process. Not only will they assist, but they will teach your child how to plan, prioritize, and complete future projects

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Engaged Academics Team

“We believe we have the most thorough, hands-on approach to solving educational deficiencies.

While focusing on academic needs, we also address critical executive skills such as organization, planning, goal setting, and time-management, ultimately reducing academic driven anxiety. We work with parents, teachers, and administrators to find the best solution to these problems.

What People Say about Engaged Academics?

“Lance Davis is one of the most promising young educators I have seen in a long time. His passion and talent are evident whether he is in the classroom as a student or a teacher.”
— Dr. Dale Graham,
Principal of the Scholars Academy
Mr. Davis is a remarkable person and teacher. He is clearly driven to affect students' lives and improve ways in which they approach subjects not only by introducing new perspectives
Karen Cox-Dennis
Tallahassee, FL
Mr. Davis is one of the most passionate, creative educators I’ve seen in my 22 years working in schools. He integrates technology, differentiates instruction
Rick Bunnell

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